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We will ask you for answers to questions, which we will use to assess the cover we can provide. The answers you give us must be correct to the best of your knowledge and belief. If any of these answers change or are incorrect now and throughout the life of the policy you must tell us. If you do not your policy may be invalid, you may pay an incorrect premium, claims may be reduced or not paid and your premium may not be refunded. Your policy will detail all the conditions.

Please select your Branch ID

You and your family living at the property have not:

  • had any insurance cancelled, declined or declared void;
  • received any convictions for any offence except driving.

The home you want to insure is not:

  • occupied by anyone other than you or your family;
  • built of anything that is not brick, stone or concrete or roofed with anything that is not slates, tiles or concrete and that no more than 50% of the roof is flat felt/asphalt roof;
  • in a poor state of repair;
  • having any work carried out on it other than routine maintenance or decoration;
  • a listed building;
  • showing any sign of or ever had any damage to it caused by subsidence, landslip or heave;
  • left unoccupied for a total of more than 60 consecutive days;
  • used for any trade, professional or business purposes other than clerical work undertaken by your family;
  • a holiday or weekend home;

The home has not:

  • been flooded, neither has the land belonging to it, within the last 5 years;
  • got more than 5 bedrooms.